FMBB VM 2020 i Frankrig er endeligt aflyst

Jeg har netop modtaget besked fra FMBB’s bestyrelse, at FMBB VM 2020 endeligt er aflyst:

Good morning to all FMBB Members, yesterday, 14.04.2020 the organizer in France in consultation with the FMBB made a final decision regarding the world championships FMBB 2020. 

Due to conditions related to the corona virus and all the measures worldwide, it is impossible to make the world championships take place.

First of all, we must help ensure that everyone can stay healthy, now and in the future.

Besides many other arguments, this is our priority. 

The 2020 FMBB World Championships in France has been cancelled.

An official communication will be published on the website (fmbb.be and fmbb2020.com).

This happens today, around noon. 

You can already inform all your members, teams, and so on.

For the teams that already payed the registration fees, this will be reimbursed by the organization.

For the camping’s, hotels, and other, please contact them yourselves to ask reimbursing.

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